After three decades of serving the community, the Boys and Girls Club of Moorpark merged with the Boys and Girls Club of Simi Valley. After a year of negotiations, the two clubs had merged into one organization. Effective July 1, 2019, the club is known as the Boys and Girls Club of Moorpark and Simi Valley. The two clubs will now work as one in serving more than 900 children in their 9 sites (Arroyo West Elementary School Site, Campus Canyon Elementary School Site, Chaparral Middle School Site, Mesa Verde Middle School Site all of which are under the Moorpark Clubhouse and under Simi Valley Clubhouse are Berylwood Elementary School Site, Santa Susana Elementary School Site and Park View Elementary School Site).

Their main Administrative Office is located at 2850 Lemon Drive, Simi Valley, CA. (This is incidentally next door to the Afni Collections offices.) The staff remained in their current locations and assignments so they can continue offering services that they had been performing before.

The mission of the Boys and Girls Club of Moorpark and Simi Valley is to provide a year-round positive, safe, healthy, fun and educational environment that inspires and enables all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens. In cognizance to the core areas of its mother organization, the Boys and Girls Club of Moorpark and Simi Valley also have the following core areas:

Character and Leadership Development: empowers the youth while developing relationships, positive self-image and respect for cultural differences. In this core area, they offer 4 programs, namely, Youth of the Year and Youth of the Month (a program that recognizes youth who excels in his/her service to the club, the community and family, academic performance, moral character, life goals, poise and public speaking ability), Torch Club (Leadership development and service club for grades 6 to 8 kids), Keystone Club (a program that makes kids gain valuable leadership and service experience in three areas: academic success, career exploration and community service), Community Service Projects (year-round community service opportunities)

Education and Career Development: makes youth become skillful in educational disciplines, set goals, explore careers, plan for their futures, and utilize and embrace technology to become competitive in tomorrow’s workplace.
Sports and Fitness recreation: gives opportunities to children to enjoy sports and recreation activities like dodge ball, kick ball, handball, basketball, soccer, football, field trips, etc. they even have sports competitions or tournaments.

Health and Life Skills: involves the children in good and useful behaviors that foster their own well-being, set personal goals, and live successfully as self-supporting adults. Some of their programs are: Kids in Control (Safety Awareness program), Goals for Growth (Goal Setting Program for 8 – 12 years old), Smart Moves (provides members with knowledge, skills and self-esteem to avoid risky behaviors and situations), Smart Girls (prepares girls ages 10 – 15 to make positive decisions and develop healthy attitudes and lifestyle), Street Smart (teaches children ages 11 – 13 to identify, resist and resolve conflicts), Tobacco Education (educates and trains children about the dangers and negative effects of tobacco use)